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Child Protective Services

New York Child Protective Services Lawyer

Attorneys Who Can Help When Child Protective Services is Involved

When Child Protective Services turns its attention toward your family, it is critical that you take the matter seriously. Work with an experienced lawyer who is well equipped to protect your rights. The Penichet Firm, P.C. in White Plains, New York, can explain your rights and take action to protect your family.

Under New York law, cases of suspected child abuse or neglect are reported to Child Protective Services (CPS). The law does not require certainty before reporting child abuse. It requires that the person have only "reasonable cause to suspect" that the child is abused or mistreated.

Even slight suspicions — or false allegations made to gain a tactical advantage in a divorce — are taken very seriously by Child Protective Services. An investigation can cause drastic changes for your family. Your child may be placed in protective custody. You may be denied custody or visitation. You may even face criminal charges.

With so much at stake, we never hesitate to take forceful action. Our attorneys use 30 years of trial experience to help you achieve the best possible results. Our boutique law firm focuses on the practice of criminal law and family law, which makes us especially equipped to deal with matters that involve both — like allegations of child abuse or neglect.

Abuse Allegations? Contact Us

If you have been contacted by Child Protective Services, or if a spouse is making allegations, contact us as quickly as possible. Call The Penichet Firm, P.C. at 914-368-7039 so we can begin protecting your rights. We also give our clients our 24-hour a day, seven-day-a-week cell number — 914-806-6675 — for emergencies.

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